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Website Promotion and Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner's character in the movie Field of Dreams hears a mysterious voice in his cornfield, encouraging him to build a baseball diamond that will attract players and spectators: "If you build it, they will come."

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Logical Logos

How much of a visual metaphor does a logo have to be? If you sell fire extinguishers, does your logo have to include fire? If you service lifts, does your logo need an up and down arrow? Maybe less is more and we don't need to try so hard.

graphic design bournemouth web design bournemouth

Challenging Colour Design

Corporate design is awash with blues and greys but sometimes conformity may not be what a potential client is looking for. Standing out doesn't necessarily mean a garish neon palette of colours, but reflecting your own personality

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New Britannia livery hits the road

Arthouse has designed a range of new livery for Britannia Parking's park and ride transport service. The brief was to produce something eye-catching and memorable whilst also promoting some of Britannia's other services