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Challenging Colour Design

Corporate design is awash with blues and greys but sometimes conformity may not be what a potential client is looking for.

Standing out doesn’t necessarily mean a garish neon palette of colours, but reflecting your own personality with colour can help set you apart from the rest and communicates more about you to your clients.

Research shows that certain colours can convey “personality” – does the personality that you’re projecting with your colour use match your brand?

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What about your logo?

When considering a new design to promote your business ask yourself if your established corporate colour helps or hinders the message. Is a colour that reflects your corporate logo going to work, or would a complimentary or contrasting scheme help for this particular message?

Are you saddled with a logo design and colour that now doesn’t match your company?

Developing a logo

Updating a logo needs to be done sensitively – you don’t want to undo years of brand-building or look like a new player. But also, changing a logo can have big cost implications – everything from stationery to signage – so the new logo design needs to be different enough to make these changes worth the expensive. It’s a fine balancing act.

If you decide that a logo change isn’t an option, consider different ways of using your logo. Changing to a single colour can help modernise your brand through simplicity. Particularly on print and exhibition design work, a white corporate logo can say that you’re confident with your brand and that you don’t need to try too hard.

There are many options available. If you’re re-designing for an exhibition or corporate brochure this year, give us a call.

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