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Website Promotion and Kevin Costner

How do people find your website?

Kevin Costner’s character in the movie Field of Dreams hears a mysterious voice in his cornfield, encouraging him to build a baseball diamond that will attract players and spectators: “If you build it, they will come.” Clients can hope for this when launching a new website: it’s built – now people will come to it.

How realistic is this?

Google’s army of searching spiders does a fantastic job. They find your site, read its content and serve it up to avid searchers. But what happens when your website appears on page 16 of the search results? Or even page 2? The visitors don’t come.

This short blog isn’t a tutorial on SEO or website marketing, but rather a suggestion that we have the right expectations and think about how we’re going to use our web budget.

Website spend

If your entire budget is being swallowed up by the design and build of your site, there’s going to be a problem and your site isn’t going to make the difference that you want it to.

Whether you choose Adwords, targeted Facebook ads, invest in creating rich content or embark on a Social Media campaign – there’s going to be a cost. Customer bases often respond better to traditional advertising and print adverts can still be highly effective. Your new site needs to do what it was designed for – converting visitors into customers.

Bring the visitors to your field.

Right Kevin?

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